Doctor Query is open for business!

Doctor Query will review your sad little attempts at query letters and fix them!

That is all.

Doctor Query

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  1. Welcome to WordPress! You’ve got a great idea for a blog here, and I’m quite certain you’re going to be overrun with requests before you know it. I do suggest you put up an introductory post of sorts to get things going. Introduce yourself, offer some credentials, etc. ^^

    Good luck to you!

    • Doctor Query appreciates your appreciation!

      It is necessary that the Doctor maintain anonymity, but a certain amount of information will be forthcoming.

      That is all.

      Doctor Query

      • But where’s the address to submit queries?

      • Please read the page entitled “You May Submit!”

        That is all.

  2. Good to know you’re out there doctor. I’ll pass on my find to others who may be interested. Meanwhile, I’ll be getting my query ready for my very own personal “that is all.”

    • Doctor Query agrees that you should do so.

      Writers who follow Doctor Query’s advice are wise!

      That is all.

      Doctor Query

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