#10 – Back of Beyond

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That is all.

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Dear Doctor Query,

Back Of Beyond (98K words) is historical suspense that follows the CIA’s involvement in the overthrow of Argentine president Juan Peron.

We want to know title, genre, word length, and whether or not it is complete (it is, yes?) but the second part of your sentence is unnecessary, since you give us that information in the next paragraph.  By the way, historical suspense is not a genre.  Better would be:

Back of Beyond is a thriller, complete at 98,000 words.

(We get that it’s historical as soon as we read the name Peron.)

Agent Kurt-Gustaf von Arnheim goes to Argentina to persuade the CIA’s chosen candidate to oppose Peron. This will be von Arnheim’s last job. He’ll use the bonus money to buy land to replace his family’s vineyards lost behind the iron curtain.

In Buenos Aires he befriends fellow vintner Enrico Freiberg, Argentina’s chief spy catcher and a key player in the army’s plot to remove Peron. Von Arnheim is drawn into the military plot as well as the competing plots of the communists and the Catholic Church. He becomes everyone’s target: the church group dupes him into an attempt to assassinate Peron, the military wants him as their conduit to the CIA, a bomb-throwing courtesan is enamoured with him, and a fanatical Peronista simply wants him dead.

When the military coup fails, the CIA fires von Arnheim. He threatens to write a tell-all book. The CIA assigns his termination to Angela Abruzzi, their top contract assassin, not knowing von Arnheim is the man she loves.

As in the novels of Ken Follett, Len Deighton and Alan Furst, Back of Beyond follows documented events with multiple threads converging at the end.

My time in military intelligence, clandestine activities, and special operations gives me insight into the details of spy craft. I am an active member of the -XYZ- Writers Association and a winner in their 2009 fiction contest.

Thank you.

This is a good, basic query.  If an agent is interested in this type of story, he might request some pages.  After that, it’s all in the writing.

I don’t love the title — it sounds a bit comedic, and as though it takes place in a backwater, which Buenos Aires is most certainly not. What was that other title you had in mind?

Do not query until you have finished writing, rewriting, and polishing!

That is all.

Doctor Query