#6 – Obsidian

Dear Doctor Query,

Bee had no idea just how weird things were about to get when she set out to save mankind from extinction, but weirdness is a price you pay when you hop around in time.

She did not foresee being marooned thousands of miles away from her mission’s target, only to find a shaman’s son waiting for her — nearly five-hundred years in her past. She didn’t expect to have cannibals admiring her ass, and considering possible marinades. And how could she have known her new best friend would be a hat?

This is all very ironic because, even with her paranormal powers, all she could foretell was her own impending death. Again, and again, and again.

OBSIDIAN is complete at 88,000 words. I’d be happy to provide a partial or complete manuscript for further review.

Thanks in advance for your consideration,


Doctor Query says:

This is very good.

We get your voice, which is funny but tart.  We get some of the plot, which you have summarized deftly.  We get a selection of the characters (and possibly a hint of romance?), along with an idea of the conflict — clearly, cannibals eyeing your nether regions with a bottle of hot sauce in hand is rather threatening. And we learn that the best friend is a hat… sounds fun.

A taste of darker matters is touched on in terms of her foreknowledge of her own death.

Skip the “very” ironic.  Perhaps you could do it this way: “It was ironic that even with her paranormal powers, all Bee could foretell, et cetera…”

You’ve got a strong query here.  Send it out!

That is all.

Doctor Query