You May Submit!

Sending a query letter to this blog via email represents your permission to have said query letter posted online and critiqued.

Doctor Query will look at, and review online, any kind of query you are brave enough to submit.  This is an exercise in learning how to write these mysterious missives… which are necessary to obtain representation by a literary agent.

Please share!  Perhaps you have written a lovely romance, or a brilliant fantasy.  A heartbreaking memoir, or a clever YA novel. A carefully crafted tome about garden gnomes, their history and mythology.  Feel free to send along the query letter that you hope will bring you the agent of your dreams.

Doctor Query will look it over and disabuse you of any illusions of grandeur.

Send your query to  Brief is good. Blathering is bad.

Please attempt to follow these directions.  It is practice for submitting your query to an agent.  Doctor Query does this as a public service.

Query letters submitted to the comments section will not be posted!

That is all.

Published on October 21, 2009 at 7:31 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. Quick question for the good Doctor:

    If I resubmit a query you haven’t posted yet, do I go to the end of the line?

    • Due to the fact that the Doctor has only recently begun to spread wisdom on the internets, the line is not long. You may resubmit a fresh attempt and take a new number, or wait your turn with the current letter, which will be coming up shortly, as you prefer.

      Doctor Query does not yet have the blog backlog of the esteemed Query Shark, who is reputed to have some 2,000 letters in her queue.

      That is all!

      Doctor Query

  2. See the powers of Doctor Query!

    The Doctor went back in time to post the query letter of the person who made this comment before he/she could write the comment querying about said query!

    That is all.

    Doctor Query

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